Certified Professional THX Video Calibration.

We now have a Certified THX professional Video calibrater on our staff. If you would like to find out more about this service please give us a call.

BUYING an UHDTV usually starts with research. You then may make a decision based on what it looks like in the store.

Take the set home and the picture may look slightly different. Some colours are brighter than others, and the contrast between dark and light colours is heightened.

Now you need to calibrate the TV. Photographers and graphic artists have been doing colour calibrations for years on their monitors in order to ensure that colors on screen accurately match what will appear in print or on a Web site. With more consumers owning high-definition TVs — where every pixel pops off the screen the need for it calibrated by a professional Calibrator becomes more apparent. Some people may find satisfactory results either with software included on some DVDs or by buying a special disc that takes the viewer through calibration steps but this will only give you the basic tools to calibrate your TV.

The manufacturers tweak red, green and blue settings a bit to make the colours pop. They intensify blue, causing red and green to overcompensate in the image. Some people may like that look. But it creates an UHDTV that is not only too bright, but won’t give an accurate colour representation of the leopard leaping from tree to tree on the National Geographic HD channel. You can also improve the image quality on your UHDTV by reducing the amount of light that creeps into the room. That doesn’t necessarily mean you need to spring for “room darkening” drapes but the darker the room the better the viewing experience will be.

Putting the TV at eye level and at a distance of about three times the screen’s diagonal measurement will also help you see a better picture.