Turn any TV into an all weather TV

Take your TV outside!

The TV Shield is what you have been waiting for! It is the simplest, easiest and the absolute best solution to protect your television; whether it is inside your property, or outside and exposed the elements. Of course, we don’t want you to just take our word for it yourselves, we invite you to do your own research, if you are not in fact doing it already. In the meantime, please look through our site; afterwards, if you have any unanswered questions, then feel free to contact us; we will respond as quickly as we can.

What does it do?

Keeping it short and simple… it protects your television.

However, not only does it protect it from the elements – the wind, the rain, the hail, the sleet and the snow – it also protects it from dirt, dust and grime. It’s impervious to all of these, but that’s not all it can do. It is also impervious to that most damaging and costly element of all – the human element!