THX Certified Video Calibration

Iconic Home can now offer a video calibration service. If you have just purchased a new TV or your current one, why not get the best out of it by getting it calibrated.



Outclass music and dvd server.



The OutClass Apple TV Server is a reliable dedicated media server smart storage solution that has been specifically designed to make ripping and storing CD’s, DVD’s and Blu-ray’s easy and then playing them back on your Apple TV in the home.

The OutClass Server has the ability to copy and archive CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs automatically embedding ID tagging, metadata and artwork on its RAID configured storage.

It will automatically convert all the movies into iTunes to playback on AppleTV and iPad, also into a format to play on Dune HD players (ideal for control4 installations) and many other DNLA players of your choice.

It will stream your music in multiple formats including FLAC, WAV,mp3 and Apple Lossless out to many music players like SONOS, Russound, Squeezebox , AppleTV and many more.

The OutClass Server can be controlled via Control4 home automation, or various other third party control systems via the iPad and many other devices to making this server very versatile.

The OutClass Server comes in sizes from 2TB up to 96TB in the OutClass-R Server, our rack mounted server or the OutClass-N Server which uses a NAS as storage. We can add more storage if required with additional SAS storage units, please ask for details.

NO RF out on new Sky box!

The iO-Link from Global creates an RF output on new Sky HD boxes that do not have an RF2 output (currently just the Sky DRX595). The iO-Link once connected to a Sky DRX 595 will allow you to use a Sky TV Link (Magic Eye) in another room to control the Sky box. If your home has several TV Link enabled TVs running from a distribution amplifier you simply connect the iO-Link to the amp then to each individual TV with a Sky TV Link.

There are limited stock of these units and I have seen some silly prices for them.

IO Link for RF out

IO Link for RF out

V300 From KEF

When the TV speakers are not enough!

V300 Slimline speakers.

The perfect match for your TV, KEF’s ultra-slim V300 digital TV sound system allows you to enjoy high fidelity sound without the hassle of adding a complex AV receiver and yet another remote control. With simple HDMI connection, no messy cabling and unique, industry-leading acoustic technology, it’s the easiest way to upgrade your TV viewing pleasure.

For more information click here: V300

V300 From KEF

V300 From KEF

Kaleidescape Cinema One

Experience Movies Like Never Before

Cinema One is an all-new movie server that stores up to 600 DVD-quality or 100 Blu-ray quality movies and can play them instantly in the highest audio and video quality—without previews, menus or ads. Browse your collection via our breathtaking and intuitive interface, or let yourself be inspired by movies presented by genre, director or actor. Gone are the days of digging through stacks of DVD cases for that perfect movie night. What’s more, you can simply download Blu-ray quality movies right from the Kaleidescape Store—the only store that offers movie downloads with the same audio/video fidelity as Blu-ray discs.



When 42″ Is Not Enough

Sharp 90″ Full HD 3D TV

The World largest LED TV. The AQUOS 90″ LE757 series uses the very latest Sharp image technology to give you the best possible viewing experience, no matter what you’re watching – 2D or 3D. Available in largest 90″, the picture, with its natural colours, really comes alive and is rich in contrast and breathtaking depth and what’s more, the low energy consumption of the AQUOS LE757 means you get top image quality with efficiently low power consumption. This TV is 3D capable and with AQUOS NET+ and means you have access to your world of contents through your internet connection.

90" LED TV from Sharp

90″ LED TV from Sharp

Turn any TV into an all weather TV

Take your TV outside!

The TV Shield is what you have been waiting for! It is the simplest, easiest and the absolute best solution to protect your television; whether it is inside your property, or outside and exposed the elements. Of course, we don’t want you to just take our word for it yourselves, we invite you to do your own research, if you are not in fact doing it already. In the meantime, please look through our site; afterwards, if you have any unanswered questions, then feel free to contact us; we will respond as quickly as we can.

What does it do?

Keeping it short and simple… it protects your television.

However, not only does it protect it from the elements – the wind, the rain, the hail, the sleet and the snow – it also protects it from dirt, dust and grime. It’s impervious to all of these, but that’s not all it can do. It is also impervious to that most damaging and costly element of all – the human element!

Luxul Access Points

Struggling to connect to your WiFi?

Why not try Luxul with its military grade technology and superior performance-it won’t let you down.

PROVEN TECHNOLOGY – Luxul technologies are used worldwide to significantly increase network performance, reliability and usability in a wide range of applications and environments. Luxul products are used extensively to provide superior connectivity in both fixed and mobile networks. Many Luxul products are also designed for use in rugged and harsh environments.


Access point

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